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by Rolf Trostel

Ayurvedic Doctors – Vaydias

How does a consultation process work ?

With a wide range of treatment methods, Ayurveda helps to maintain and renew balance, harmony, vitality and health in your life.
It provides clear knowledge of how much emotions, thoughts, the environment, diet, climate, seasons, work, activities and lifestyle affect us physically, mentally and spiritually.
So what is too much in the body needs to be discharged or better digested. Sanskrit words are AMA and Agni.

WHAT happens in the consultation; We ask questions and take our pulse on the wrist. Questions to you, What health is important to you, do you have a goal.
The question asked aims at the frequent, regular occurrences of the body and mind within a week or a month.
Here in the first part is an assessment of what prevails according to Ayurveda terminology.
The explanations of which Dosha holds the key position will also follow. Describe and explain the multidimensional connections.
Discuss any further questions from your side now. Explain what has gotten better in the meantime.

It is further explained how the treatment can take place by yourself. There is a range of choices. One or two are good to incorporate for the next few weeks.
Definitely start where it is easy to start with. !!! An important piece of wisdom. Our life is often full enaph.
You get 8 pages of personal information tailored to your connivance. Recommendations are given for therapy herbs and lifestyle as well as some self-treatments.

Debriefing with another person after; Ayurveda medicine from the source can be ordered. Oils are cooked on site to bring with you. High organic quality

Our meetings have been possible since 2004 in cooperation with Vinayaka Pancha Karma Center India.

Information about our team

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