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by Rolf Trostel

Ayurveda – Science of Daily Life

Ayurveda is the traditional, centuries-old natural medicine from India. It is the oldest known health system in the world and comes from the traditional Vedic knowledge, from Rishis, scriptures and word of mouth. Ayurveda takes body, mind and soul into account in a comprehensive way.

With a wide range of treatment methods, Ayurveda helps to maintain and renew balance, harmony, vitality and health in your life. It provides clear knowledge of how much emotions, thoughts, environment, diet, climate, seasons, work, activities and lifestyle affect us physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Human nature is made up of the five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth), which manifest themselves in the three life energies Vata, Pitta, Kapha – the three Doshas. They have specific properties and are responsible for all physical, psychological and mental functions of the body. Each Dosha represents a main principle in the body: Vata movement, Pitta transformation and Kapha binding force. Everyone is born with a unique combination of these three doshas that make up our constitution (Prakriti). So this is the basic factor that has to be considered.

The Reasons for Ayurveda Therapy and Life Styles

  • Cleansing and reducing excessive accumulations in the body (such as dosha, ​​toxins (Ama), excess weight, edema, muscle tension, stress, etc.)
  • Rejuvenate and strengthen the body,
  • Lifestyle recommendations, regular health care and maintenance

Ayurveda therapies are used depending on the constitution (Prakriti) and the current state (Vikriti, Symptom) and always aim’s to bring the three doshas into personal balance. The type of treatment (or with a combination of several treatments), the frequency and the duration are determined on the basis of the determination of the Prakriti and Vikriti. In the treatment conversation, the factors that create imbalances are worked out together. Suggests how the client can personally support the body and mind. Bringing balance into a personal harmony.

The treatments are carried out with us are exclusively with special, high-quality organic herbs and warm herbal oils.

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