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by Rolf Trostel


Elizabeth Roberts

Dear fellow pancha karmists

Greetings from a beautiful sunny Scotland.I thought you might like to see the article that resulted from the interview I did with Dr Joshi on my last evening in Nagpur.
It was published in the online Beshara Magazine.

Good morning Sabro

The effect of the massage lasts a miraculously long time, even this morning this Vata-hectic does not arise, I am at peace and still feel this deep physical gratitude. I know that my body is hungry and I am very happy to finally be able to give it the physical appreciation it has been waiting for so long with these wonderful oils and the soothing massage. When I arrived for the music lesson, Vijaya was amazed at how rested I must have looked…. but what was more valuable to me was that our Indian music maestros are here and they wanted to hear me sing, something I had been very afraid of…. so there they were as a surprise and I was able to sing out of this nourished calm:-)
The Nasia is wonderful, the powder is working, the throat irritation has sort of gone, a little mucus comes out when I cough, but it’s transparent. I drank a first portion of tea this morning.
The sheet says to paint it and use the powder?
Thanks again

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