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by Rolf Trostel


AYUSH the Indian Ministry of Yoga and Ayurveda & Vastu and other healing modalities.
Dr Sunil Joshi is an official advisor to the Ministry.
AYUSH was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Ancient Ayurvedic texts mention many direct connections to the respiratory system
Om Ram Ram
Respiratory system
To strengthen the maternal and divine in femininity
Hum Wam Soham
Dr. Shalmali Joshi
Vastu Science – The science of the effect of space – zones
Vastu is part of the Vedic scriptures that are over 5000 years old. Ayurveda is included and a part of it.
Examples of buildings that have given life and vitality for a good millennia. Thus every space zone has an original wisdom in it.
At the moment all of this is still mystical. Please read on on the website.
Vastu Science
Ralph explains the immune system in detail, approx. 70 minutes (german)Immune system

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