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by Rolf Trostel

Welcome – Namaste

Ayurveda offers an incredibly rich offer for the people of today. We love, live and enjoy it. Yes, what is the secret of the centuries-old tradition, which is also called Traditional Ayurveda Medicine TAM.
Even today, the five elements are the most important functions in space. Ayurveda selects these influences of the natural qualities together. With this, the possible influence on daily life is now given. The effect’s are always profitable and inevitable for the body / mind. whether I’m inside an apartment or outside in the environment. 

Ayurveda applications are therefore the open secret for a safe life. It promotes a higher tool to be used. This gives the body the capacity and stamina to regenerate and to remain dynamically vital. A great promise.
The health treatments optimally prepare the body for whatever symptoms may arise. I speak from my life itself and the diverse Symtom repertoire appearing. My principle is to have enough “health life energy” in old age. The feeling of fulfillment, clarity, perseverance is placed in your hand.  OHM NAMA SHIVAYA 

Since 2004 we offer Ayurveda consultations in Switzerland. On the Ayurvedic Doctors page you can get comprehensive information.

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